Welcome to the official website of Ghost Research Foundation, central Pennsylvania’s oldest and most experienced paranormal group. Using scientific research and the assistance of sensitives, GRF is dedicated to helping both the living and the dead.


Ghost Research Foundation was founded in July 2000 by author Patty Wilson in response to letters she received from readers of her first book, “Haunted Pennsylvania,” who were seeking help in dealing with the paranormal. A nonprofit organization, GRF believes that the human element cannot be removed from the study of the paranormal. Using scientific equipment, GRF conducts research backed by historical documentation. In addition, a dedicated team conducts rescues to cross over human spirits and works on cases of a diabolical nature. GRF is based in central Pennsylvania, USA, and is not affiliated with the British-based Ghost Research Foundation International.


If you or someone you know has been experiencing unexplained paranormal phenomena,  please do not hesitate to contact us. Your identity will remain confidential and you will not be judged. We do not charge for our assistance.